Monday, 30 August 2010

Home Cooking and Family Values Book Fund by Warren Brown - GoFundMe

Support Home Cooking and Family Values Book Fund

I have written and published a book with the title, "Home Cooking and Family Values", which I would like to purchase and distribute for free to encourage family values in society today. I will be able to purchase about 500 copies for free distribution. The details of the book can be read below and at the web-link given:

A well used kitchen makes a happy home. A woman’s pride was her kitchen. The kitchen used to be the exclusive domain of the housewife a hundred years ago. The situation has changed all around the world today, with more and more women joining the work force and having the dual roles of taking care of the home and attending to career responsibilities. The kitchen is now utilized by the wife, the mother, the husband, the father and the children who are adventurous enough to try their hand at preparing meals. A home is complete when food is regularly prepared in the family kitchen. Cooking a meal for a family is the best feeling for a mother who loves her family.

I do hope that you will encourage, support and contribute towards this Fund Project of mine. Thank you for taking the time to read this Fund Appeal. All the very best to you, your family and that special bond of love and togetherness which most familes enjoy today.
Thank you!
Warm Regards
Warren Brown

Home Cooking and Family Values Book Fund by Warren Brown - GoFundMe

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