Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Slum Tourism to Help People

Slum tourism is now a cultural phenomenon, thanks to cinema and the search for new experiences. Can it aid people in poorer areas or does it exploit them?
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The Bread Project

A Town centre church is once again helping those in need by providing them with a free bag of shopping.
Following the success of the Victory Centre’s Bread Project over Christmas, organisers are busy collecting food to help struggling families again. Read more...

Helping People to Conserve Water and Electricity

The Burbank utility plans to equip some customers with picture-frame-like devices tied to 'smart meters' that will let them keep track of their water and electricity use. Read more..,0,2641074.story

Family Resource Centres

In 2008, the centres were largely involved in helping job seekers prepare CVs and in giving information about welfare entitlements but, according to chairwoman Claire Dineen, people are now looking for help with a broader range of activities. Read more...